Global Golf Post

This is the digital news decade.

The consumer migration to screens of one sort or another continues, unabated. As a result, there is a revolution taking place in how people consume news. Forty percent of Americans now cite the Internet as a daily news source for national and global news, topping newspapers, according to the prestigious Pew Research Center. That number grows to 59% among those under 30.

Consequently, newspapers and news magazines have been rendered obsolete. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had it right when he predicted that soon, and no later than the end of this decade, there will be no printed newspapers or news magazines.

This is the digital news decade.

You can clearly see the trends impacting golf. Daily newspaper coverage of golf is virtually non-existent. The two printed golf weeklies are in survival mode, trying to quickly reinvent themselves as feature magazines.

In golf media, GLOBAL GOLF POST is the vanguard. With no status quo to preserve and protect, we are inventing the category that will become known as digital news publications. Free of legacy costs and obligations, we are creating the future. Unencumbered by the heavy weight of conventional thinking, we are free to play by a new set of rules. We deliver golf news, information, and commentary to serious golfers the way they wish to receive it...digitally. Only.

"There will be no newspapers and no magazines that are delivered in paper form by 2018."

Steve Ballmer, CEO,
Microsoft Corporation